Miguel Santesmases Mestre - Mª Jesús Merino Sanz
Joaquín Sánchez Herrera - Teresa Pintado Blanco
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1. The dimension of marketing
2. The market and its environment
3. Consumer behaviour
4. Research and Information systems in marketing
5. Marketing strategy
6. Products, services and brand management
7. Price strategies
8. Communication management
9. Strategic sales management
10. Channel management and Distribution
11. The marketing plan
12. Relationship marketing and customer service management
13. Marketing and new technologies
14. New trends in marketing
1.1. Paving the way for “distinguished marketing”
1.2. Social Marketing
2.1. Reinventing Marketing to Manage the Environmental Imperative
2.2. The China Source Book
4.1. Development and psychometric evaluation of a scale
5.1 Marketing Segmentation Practices
5.2. Segmenting cosmetic procedures markets
5.3. Perspectives in the Global Marketplace
6.1. Brand Name, Price and Brand Extension
6.2. Creativity During New Product Development
6.3. Asymetric Market Reaction to New Product Announcements
10.1. Marketing and Distribution Channel of Processed Fish
3.1. Child booster seat safety
7.1. Designing ticket price strategies for professional sports teams
2.3. The Democratization of Fashion
3.2. The Impact of Incomplete Typeface Logos on Perceptions of the Firm
3.3. Materialism and brand engagement as shopping motivations
4.2. Evaluating tourist satisfaction with the retail experience
4.3. Intellectual contributions and 'gap-spotting'
4.4. ICC-ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research
6.4. A Nielsen Private Label Global Report
8.1. Product Placement in Popular Music
8.2. Do Marketing Media have Life Cycles?
8.3. Multichannel Relational Communication
10.2. Strategy of Distribution Channels in China
11.1. Strategies for emerging economy markets
12.1. Electronic customer relationship management
13.1. Integrating information technology and marketing
13.2. Leading the way through the digital maze
14.1. Mobile Marketing stakeholder
14.2. 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report
9.1. The changing environment of selling and sales management
9.2. Applying learned optimism to increase sales productivity
9.3. Factors leading sales force automation use
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